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Soft Token Authentication

Soft tokens = strong security, customer convenience

FVSBank works hard to deliver the highest level of protection for our Business Online Banking Customers.  That's why we now offer a free soft token app that generates a secure one-time password to use each time you generate an ACH using FVSBank Business Online Banking.

How it works
The soft token app generates a random, one-time string of numbers when you generate an ACH using FVSBank Business Online Banking.  Combined with a PIN that you create when setting up the soft token, it offers maximum protection against criminal fraudsters.  

A soft token is convenient - just install the app on your smartphone and it's there whenever you need it.  If you are a multi-account holder with FVSBank, a single installation of the app can hold multiple tokens for use when you log in to each of your accounts.

You'll find the app in your smartphone's app stores by searching for 'DIGIPASS for Business Banking'.

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