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HELOC Special

What will you do with your home equity line of credit?

Turn the funds in your home into cash you can use for almost any need. Our special introductory rate on HELOCs is your key to affordably financing home repairs, debt consolidation, or just about anything else.

2.50% APR* on a Home Equity Line of Credit.  The introductory rate of 2.50% Rate/APR remains in effect for six months from closing date.  After that, the rate is as low as *Prime + 0.50%.


2.50% rate/APR*
Offer effective March 1, 2017

The introductory rate of 2.50% Rate/APR remains in effect for 6 months from closing date.  After that the rates is as low as *Prime + .50%

*APR = annual percentage rate.  This Home Equity Line of Credit has a variable interest rate with a floor as low as 4.00% APR and a ceiling of 18.00% APR.  Your APR will change six months after the original closing date to anywhere between Prime + 0.50% and Prime + 1.00% and whenever the Prime Rate changes thereafter.  Prime Rate is the advertised rate in the Wall Street Journal.  As of 12/15/16, prime is 3.75% + 1.00%; the APR would be 4.75%.  APR range is determined by credit scores.  Available to qualified borrowers.  Offer subject to change at any time.  The yearly maintenance fee of $50 is waived for the first year.  Estimated costs are $255 due at the time of closing, excluding appraisal if needed.  Home Owners Insurance is required.  New Lines only. Promotional offer ends on June 30, 2017.