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Lost or Stolen FVSBank Debit Card

Easily report a lost or stolen FVSBank Debit Card within minutes, right from your phone.

If your debit card is lost or stolen, with your FVSBank Mobile Banking App you can 'lock' your debit card from your phone, putting convenience and control in your hand. 

Within the FVSBank Mobile Banking App follow these simple steps to 'lock' your card, and call the next business day to order a new debit card.

  1. Select 'My cards' from the Quick Links on the Accounts Home Page.
  2. Select "Report Lost or Stolen' 
  3. Select 'Call' to report your card lost or stolen, this is available 24/7.
  4. Call your local FVSBank branch the next business day to order a new debit card.
Toll Free 1-800-242-7880
Fond du Lac 920-921-7220
Oshkosh 920-231-1163
Waupun 920-324-5528


Debit Card Fraud Detection with EnFact Notifications

How FVSBank Protects You 

To protect your bank account, FVSBank monitors debit card and ATM transactions for potentially fraudulent or suspicious activity. Potentially fraudulent activity may include a sudden change in locale (such as when a U.S.-issued card is used unexpectedly overseas or in a foreign country), a sudden string of costly purchases, or any pattern associated with new fraud trends around the world.

If we suspect fraudulent ATM or debit card use, our monitoring agency will be notifying (call or text) you to validate the legitimacy of your suspect transactions.

How the Debit Card Fraud Notification Works

Whenever a potentially fraudulent transaction occurs, our system will automatically call or text the phone number associated with your accounts. This call or text will prompt you to verify with us whether the transaction is "fraudulent" or "OK".

If the transaction is fraudulent, our team will close the debit card in question, order a new debit card and open a dispute claim, if applicable. If we're unable to contact you about the potentially fraudulent transaction, a temporary hold will be placed on your debit card until the transaction is verified.

If you experience a temporary hold and have not received a phone call or text, we may not have your current phone number on file. To update your phone number, call any one of your local FVSBank branches.

Real Time Debit Card Fraud Alerts - Phone

Fraud Detected: Your debit card is immediately suspended after a fraudulent transaction is detected.

Automated Alert: The system automatically calls the number on file, waiting 15 minutes before each call, and will attempt to reach you for one business day. If you miss the phone call, you may call back the number provided in the message or call your local FVSBank branch.

Verify Transaction: When we reach you, you can confirm or deny the transaction and your debit card will either be unlocked or you will assisted with the next steps to dispute the fraudulent activity.

Real Time Debit Card Fraud Alerts - Text 

As an additional convenience, we offer real-time fraud alerts in the form of mobile text messages. If you have a cell phone number on file, you will receive a notification via text whenever a potentially fraudulent transaction occurs. If you do not have a cell phone on file, please update or confirm your mobile number by calling your local FVSBank branch.

When potentially fraudulent activity is suspected, you will receive an automated text at your mobile number promoting you to reply "YES" or "NO" to the transaction made with your debit card. Below is a sample text you may see.

Debit Card Fraud Notification Text Video Tutorial

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