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Welcome to the next generation of business online banking services

Business Online Banking

  • Free, secure and easy-to-use service for FVSBank Business customers
  • Manage a number of banking activities anytime, anywhere with internet access:
    • Access eStatements
    • View account balances and history
    • Transfer funds between accounts (one-time and recurring transfers)
    • View checks written
    • Make loan payments
    • and much more


Business Bill Pay

  • Pay one-time or recurring bills with ease:
    • Schedule payments in advance
    • Set up payment reminders
    • Ensure payments are received on time
    • Have all information in one convenient place
    • Retain funds until paper drafts are presented for payment
    • Avoid paper clutter
    • More secure than paper billing

To Get Started

View our online demo below.

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Account Alerts

Manage your business account balance and transactions with account alerts.

Set up alerts to notify you when your account balance falls below an amount you specify, business debit card purchases go over the limit you set, and more.

Alerts give you the status of your business accounts on the go, which can help you monitor against fraud and help you manage your cash flow.

Choose to get business alerts sent to your email, or mobile device as text messages.

To set up alerts, sign on to FVSBank Business Banking Online and select 'Alerts'.

Business Mobile Banking

  • Fast, free, and secure for business customers enrolled in Business Online Banking
  • Easily keep track of your finances - even on the go;
    • View account balances
    • Review history
    • Transfer funds between accounts
    • Pay bills
  • Save valuable time and effort; avoid an extra trip to a branch
  • Utilize this service in two convenient ways:
    • Web 
    • App download

Business Mobile Deposit

  • Deposit checks anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone
  • Free Service for customers with an FVSBank Business Checking Account
  • Save time, avoid unnecessary trips to a branch
  • Deposit your checks in a few quick clicks:
    • Log into the FVSBank Business Banking app and tap 'Deposit'
    • Choose an account and enter the check amount
    • Snap a photo of the front and back of the endorsed check
    • Tap "Deposit" to submit the check

Get Started

To get started, contact your FVSBank Banker today to get signed up. Then simply log into the mobile app and accept the service agreement.

iPhone Android

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  • Save paper and save the environment
  • Fast, free and an easy alternative to paper statements
  • Receive an email notice when a new eStatement is ready
  • Easier to retrieve information when needed; easily available online anytime through online banking
  • Reduce clutter
  • Reduce chance of fraud and identity theft
  • Arrive faster than paper statements
  • Simplify recordkeeping and eliminate storage hassles
  • Easily access past statements
  • Ability to download for permanent storage or print if needed


Soft tokens = strong security, customer convenience

FVSBank works hard to deliver the highest level of protection for our Business Online Banking Customers.  That's why we now offer a free soft token app that generates a secure one-time password to use each time you generate an ACH using FVSBank Business Online Banking.

How it works
The soft token app generates a random, one-time string of numbers when you generate an ACH using FVSBank Business Online Banking.  Combined with a PIN that you create when setting up the soft token, it offers maximum protection against criminal fraudsters.  

A soft token is convenient - just install the app on your smartphone and it's there whenever you need it.  If you are a multi-account holder with FVSBank, a single installation of the app can hold multiple tokens for use when you log in to each of your accounts.

You'll find the app in your smartphone's app stores by searching for 'DIGIPASS for Business Banking'.


What is a soft token?
A soft token is a software app that is downloaded and installed on your Apple or Android smartphone.  The app adds an extra layer of protection to your Business Online Banking account by generating a one-time password each time you log in.  This random string of numbers is used when logging into your account or completing certain transactions such as ACH.

Who can use soft tokens?
Talk to your business banker about getting approved for use of the 'DIGIPASS for Business Banking' soft token.  Once approved you will be able to control which employees can access your accounts via the soft token.

How do I enroll my business?
Ask your business banker about using soft tokens then complete the necessary steps to get started.  Watch this video on how to set up and use the free 'DIGIPASS for Business Banking' soft token app.

Where do i find the app?
You can find and download the free soft token app, which works on Apple or Android smartphones and other devices, by searching for 'DIGIPASS for Business Banking' in either the Apple or Google Play app stores.

How does it work?
The soft token app protects access when generating ACH while using your Business Online Banking account by generating random, one-time passwords that you and approved employees will use each time you login to your account.  The one-time string of numbers, combined with the PIN you set up in Business Online Banking, makes it nearly impossible to hack your account.

What if i enter the wrong number when logging in?
If you enter the wrong one-time password/PIN combination, re-enter the correct numbers generated by the app and your PIN.

What if I lose my smartphone?
When setting up the soft token, you have the option to register more thn one device.  If you should misplace your smartphone, you can log in with another device.  Another option would be to get a new phone and have FVSBank re-register the new phone.  At that point, you would need also re-install the app.

Can I switch from a hard token to a soft token?
With approval, you can switch from a hard to a soft token by logging into your Business Online Banking account, selecting the Profile page and following the instructions to make the switch.  You'll then turn in your hard token.

What are the best ways to keep my app and account secure?
You should always start by enabling the passcode or biometric access to your smartphone in order to protect access to your device.  The 'DIGIPASS for Business Banking' app also gives you the option to create a regular password or set up a biometric login so you can then generate a one-time password or a digital signature for accessing your account.

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