Positive Pay is a comprehensive fraud prevention service that adds an extra layer of security to your business banking. It helps you detect and prevent check and electronic payment fraud by comparing the checks you issue with those presented for payment.

How Does Positive Pay Work?

  • Submit Issued Checks:
    • Easily upload a list of checks you’ve issued through our secure online portal.
    • Include details such as check number, amount, and issue date.
  • Check Matching:
    • FVSBank compares the checks presented for payment against your submitted list.
    • Any discrepancies are flagged for your review.
  • Decision Making:
    • You receive a report detailing the matched and unmatched items.
    • Decide whether to pay, return, or investigate any discrepancies.

Key Features of FVSBank’s Positive Pay

  • User-Friendly Interface
    • Our intuitive online portal makes it easy for you to submit and manage your issued checks.
  • Customized Alerts
    • Receive instant notifications for any discrepancies, allowing you to take swift action.
  • Secure Encryption
    • Your data is encrypted and secure, ensuring the confidentiality of your information.
  • Reduced Fraud Risk
    • Positive Pay significantly reduces the risk of check and electronic payment fraud, protecting your business’s financial health.