What is the Automatic Clearinghouse (ACH)?

The ACH is a national network that processes financial transactions electronically for individuals, businesses, and government entities. For example, if you receive your paycheck via direct deposit, that’s ACH. Online billpay, direct payments, and electronic checks are other common examples of ACH.

Are ACH Payments Safe?

Yes, ACH payments are secure–bank account numbers are kept confidential when payments are processed through the clearinghouse. In contrast to paper checks, which display sensitive information and can be lost or stolen, ACH payments are generally considered more secure than other payment options. If an unauthorized ACH payment does come out of your business bank account, you have 60 days to report the issue and recover your funds.

Get ACH Services for your Business!

As a local Wisconsin bank that has always been in your community, we are dedicated to helping local businesses in the Fox Valley region meet their financial goals. Make payroll easier with direct deposit and enjoy all the convenience that ACH has to offer. To learn more about ACH payment processing for businesses, contact us  or visit your nearest location in Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, or Waupun, WI.


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