Debit Card Fraud Detection

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Stay protected from debit card fraud with our 24/7 monitoring service that flags suspicious transactions, contacts you promptly, and ensures secure communication protocols, while offering tips on

Lost or Stolen FVSBank Debit Card

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Quickly and conveniently report a lost or stolen FVSBank Debit Card via the FVSBank Mobile Banking App, putting control in your hands, with easy steps to follow and options for ordering a replacement card.

Free Annual Credit Report

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The get your Free Credit Report

Security Tips for Online Banking

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Ensure the security of your online banking by diligently managing your personal information, and in case of theft, act swiftly by canceling cards, filing a police report, placing fraud alerts, and contacting your bank for further assistance.

Identity Theft

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Protect yourself from identity theft by implementing precautionary measures such as safeguarding personal information and promptly reporting any suspicious activity to relevant authorities, while staying vigilant against phishing and smishing scams that aim to deceive individuals into revealing sensitive data.

ID Theft Resources

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Access practical advice and resources from federal agencies and technology industry partners via, offering guidance on combating internet fraud, securing your computer, and safeguarding personal information, supported by collaborations with organizations such as the Federal Trade Commission, the Internet Crime Complaint Center, and

ID Theft Prevention Tips

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To avoid being a victim, you can take a few precautionary steps

Avoid Scams

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Educate yourself about common scams and how to protect yourself