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Make business deposits anywhere, anytime. Save time (and a drive to the bank) with our fast and secure remote deposit capture!

  • Scan your checks at your office computer
  • No need for employees (or you) and checks to leave your secure office
  • Scanned checks automatically fill in the amount and check fields
  • Feel good knowing that your data is entry is scanned securely
  • Your company can assign dedicated users, giving you the power to authorize users and account access
  • The option of dual control approval:
    • By having two users review a deposit prior to being submitted, the risk of error and fraud are greatly reduced
  • Quicker, electronic clearing of deposited items, improving cash flow
  • No stamping required – virtual endorsement allows you to run checks through the scanning machine and the endorsement is digitally imprinted on the image of the check 


Banking. Made Personal.

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