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Don’t let money sit idly by. Put it to work with an automatic sweep account so you can earn interest, or even pay down your line of credit.

  • Maximize your business’s funds
  • Save money, earn money
  • Flexible options available
  • Linked to your FVSBank business checking account(s)
  • Excess funds automatically swept to interest-bearing account or to pay down your line of credit
    • Money market
    • Business line of credit
    • Business savings account
  • Funds automatically sweep back to checking account if needed
  • Funds are secure
  1. Determine a target balance to keep in your checking account.
  2. Choose any of the sweep account options you want:
    1. Money market investment account
    2. Business line of credit
    3. Business savings account
  1. At the end of the day, your checking account debits and credits are computed to arrive at your current balance.
  2. Any idle collected balances are swept automatically to the option you choose, earning interest or paying down a line of credit.
  3. Funds are swept back into the checking account as needed to maintain the target balance and cover any withdrawals or checks presented for payment.

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